Likely nothing! There are usually 2 reasons for not being able to execute an exercise correctly:

  • insufficient skill
  • insufficient strength

Certain exercises require a higher level of coordination and therefore skill to perform, e.g. cleans, jerks, snatches, double unders etc. Constant practice will train your brain and you will eventually develop the skill needed to perform these movements. So, the answer here is extremely simple: Practise, practise, practise

Certain exercises require a higher level of strength in order to perform, e.g. pullups, muscleups, handstand pushups. In this case, you may simply lack the raw strength needed to perform the exercises. How do you remedy this? By performing scaled versions of the exercise and developing strength in a space where you can perform the scaled version, at high intensity.

While all our classes are different and we engage our students strengths and weaknesses to some degree, if you have a glaring weakness, you will overcome this faster with some supplementary work, either before or after class, 1 - 2 times a week.

Exactly as fit or unfit as you are right now! The beauty of functional training is that it incorporates everyday movements that everybody can do; we'll simply scale the intensity to suit your ability. While this means that no workout will be too difficult to attempt, it also means that every workout will be challenging enough to push your body to the limit.

If you have a particular need or restriction due to e.g. an injury, then mention it to the instructor and they will modify or suggest alternate exercises for you.

  1. Be on time. Even better, be early. You disrupt the class and miss out on vital information and warming up if you're late.
  2. Respect: The gym, the coaches, your fellow trainees, the equipment. The moment you fail to do so, is the moment you lose our respect.
  3. Listen carefully. Yes, you may have been to a gym before. You may even have done some of the exercises before. This doesn't exempt you from meeting our exacting standards, which are in place to ensure effective training, results, measurable criteria and lastly, but certainly not least, your ongoing ability to train.
  4. Give 100% of your effort, focus and determination. We cannot do the work for you, only you can do the work. We can and will assist you to get results that you never imagined you would, but, you still need to do the work.
  5. Be open to everything! At Sledgehammer CrossFit, you WILL need to squat and pullup. End of story.
  6. Don't coach other athletes. That is what the coaches are for. By all means, scream for them, support them and cheer them on but leave the coaching to the coaches.
  7. Introduce yourself to the other trainees. We're here to motivate each other.
  8. Don't drop an empty bar!
  9. Pack up after yourself! Putting your equipment away shows respect for the gym & your fellow trainers, not to mention your coaches. It also teaches discipline, pride & accountability. So do burpees, it is your choice.
  10. Clean up after yourself. Sweat & other bodily fluids need to be cleaned up with the provided disinfectant & gloves. Please do so. 

Our basic session length is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

A typical session will consist of a warmup, some strength or skill work, a short but intense workout and a short cool down.


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