And here are our Committed Club members for July 2017:

No, it is not to turn you into a gymnast. Let’s be frank - you’ve started too late to be a full on gymnast but the ideals of gymnastics are important and valuable for all sports and forms of exercise. Why? two words: body control.

Have you ever thought about how you feel everyday, like how you really actually feel? Do you wake up feeling energized or feeling kind of low? Are you uber reliant on that coffee pick me up?

We are happy to announce the inception of our "Committed Club"!

This is something I have been wanting to introduce for quite a while. Finally it is here!

To qualify for the Committed Club, you need to attend 20 classes or more in a calendar month. 

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start Crossfit, or at least give it a go. Nice one. Now you need to find the box that suites you because although there are many legitimate CrossFit Affiliated boxes out there, not all are created equal. Here are nine points to consider when making your choice.


Regarded as (and usually it is) the strongest muscle in the body – this muscle moves the hip and thigh and aids standing, sitting, climbing stairs, staying upright, pretty much all the important stuff when living as a biped.

You know when you are on a plane and they are doing the safety demonstration? You know the part where the oxygen masks fall from the panels above and they say “put your mask on first before helping those around you”. Do you know why they say that? This article is more or less about that.

The question of price often comes up in discussions about CrossFit versus conventional gyms. Why is Crossfit so expensive? Well, is it really? We found this pretty good article on the subject from Dignified CrossFit…. so if you’re pondering this very subject then take a read, or come in and have a chat to one of us at the Sledgehammer Box for further insights!


They often come up on the WOD as DUs and that stands for Double Unders, and then the coach scribbles in 3x the number for singles unders, i.e. normal skipping, and you’re like – one day!


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