Hey guys

Our first round of Challenges for 2020 start next week Monday, have you signed up for one of them yet?


To refresh your memories, the Chisel Challenge is about eating correctly, we start off by measuring your body fat level and calculating exactly how much food you require.

For the Beauties and Beasts Primal Challenge, we take things one step further: in addition to eating like an athlete, for the 9 weeks you will systematically attack your weaknesses resulting in impressive strength gains and a further improved appearance.

For the first time, we are really excited to announce a brand new challenge, The Special Forces Challenge. This challenge is also 9 weeks long and is suitable for guys and girls that want to improve their performance, mental fortitude and ability to work long and hard. You will be following the same eating plan we use in our other challenges and will be training 5 days a week, Mon - Friday

What are the requirements to participate in this new Challenge? It is preferred that you have done CrossFit for at least a year, and have also completed a Chisel Challenge and a Primal Challenge. You need to be willing to make 2 hours of time available on training days to put the work in. A hiking pack or rucksack will come in handy too. Most importantly, you need to have the right mental attitude: a desire to improve, work extremely hard, looking forward to adversity - knowing that it helps us grow in so many ways. Grab a partner and sign up today!


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