After nearly 5 months of lockdown, we finally have the go ahead to operate again! 

In keeping with the new normal, we have a couple of changes with regards to how things will work here at Sledgehammer CrossFit. What hasn't changed is our focus on your long term health and wellbeing, your safety and your need to work hard.

Hygiene and cleanliness have always been of great importance here and we have simply raised the bar in line with the required COVID legislation....and then raised it again! 

We have hands-free sanitizing stations through out the box, shields up at the supplement counter, a paperless waiver for new arrivals, demarcated workout spaces and bright, happy informative signage... some of which is for COVID, some of which is about what we do here - help people become the best versions of themselves, through training, eating correctly and our supportive community.

We have also installed an ozone generator which runs every night, sanitizing everything that is not airtight.

We have also started using an online booking system to ensure that we do not exceed safe class capacity. A link to this is situated next to the Workout of the Day.

We do have some restrictions however: you do need to wear a mask while you are training. No sweat towels or gloves are to be brought in. Just your water bottle :) 

We are really excited to welcome you back....or if you are a wannabe new member...we are really excited to welcome you to our family!

Book your spot in class and lets get you back on the road to being fit, strong, healthy and positive!



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